Great Divide Brewing Literally Divides, Then Parties

Very few things are as exciting as visiting a city for the first time, especially when you’re a beer fanatic and the city is Denver. Colorado has been an absolute breeding ground for the craft beer industry, providing the nation with some of the first dedicated beer bars and independent breweries in the post-prohibition era.… Continue reading Great Divide Brewing Literally Divides, Then Parties

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Brewer’s Review: Ahnapee Brewery

It’s been fun to see my hometown brewery, Ahnapee Brewery, evolve since they opened in 2013, growing from a very modest but well-executed lineup of traditional styles to some of their more creative, ambitious beers they’ve been putting out using limited space and equipment. One of those beers being an Imperial Raspberry Ale, aged in wine… Continue reading Brewer’s Review: Ahnapee Brewery

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