South Loop Brewing and Lake Effect Go Nautical


“Red skies in the morning, sailor’s warning”
“Red skies at night, sailor’s delight.”

…is the inspiration behind South Loop Brewing’s first two beers brewed in collaboration with Lake Effect Brewing and is ready to be consumed by you on Wednesday, July 24 at Weathermark Tavern in the South Loop.

The collaboration will actually result in two beers (from the same mash) and is inspired by the ancient weather forecasting lore/saying, “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky at morning, Sailor’s warning.” The stronger, first runnings from the mash are aggressively hopped during boil for “Sailor’s Warning.” Think tropical/citrusy/bitter Imperial Red. The slightly-less-potent, second runnings from the very same mash are then run into another kettle, where we boil, bitter cleanly and later, spike with a touch of vanilla for an incredibly refreshing, more-sessionable “Sailor’s Delight.”

Coming from the same grain bill, Sailor’s Warning and Sailor’s Delight complement each other incredibly well, yet are two very different beers because of what we do to each separately after the mash. They’re intended to be consumed and enjoyed in tandem, but we believe that both newer fans of craft beer and veteran beer geeks alike will enjoy the fermented results of two up-and-coming Chicago breweries coming together.

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