Moody Tongue Brewing Company to Debut Winter 2013


Introducing Chicago’s First Culinary-Focused Brewery Featuring Brewmaster Jared Rouben

CHICAGO (Aug. 7, 2013)—Moody Tongue Brewing Company, a new culinary-focused brewery, is coming this winter to The Glass Factory at 2136 S. Peoria Street in the Pilsen East™ neighborhood of Chicago.

The brewery will showcase a number of seasonal, culinary-inspired beers created by Jared Rouben, the former brewmaster of Goose Island Brewpubs and a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in New York. Rouben forges a connection between brewing and cooking with his innovative “culinary brewing” style, a new genre which incorporates cooking methods and ingredients that enhance the flavor profiles and aromatics of beer.

Much like its unique brewing style, Moody Tongue is a moniker for beer drinkers with a discerning palate. “I have a moody tongue, so I demand more from beer,” Rouben says. The brewery’s new line of beers will showcase seasonal ingredients such as cherries, chocolate and espresso with methods like infusing, baking, dehydrating and macerating. These beers will share many of the flavor and aromatic characteristics found in wines and ciders, but balanced with a variety of hops and malts found in traditional beer styles.

The Moody Tongue project comes on the heels of Rouben’s experimental brewing series at Goose Island, where he created a number of similar culinary-inspired beers. For example, he designed chef-inspired beers such as Marisol, a collaboration with Frontera Grill chef-owner Rick Bayless that incorporated green tea, grapefruit and lime peel within a Belgian golden ale.

As a Green City Market junior board member, Rouben often taps the local farmers’ market for unusual ingredients such as bubblegum plums, green strawberries and chocolate habanero peppers. “Great beers start with great ingredients,” Rouben says. “Every ingredient is included for a specific reason, each adding a complementary layer of flavor.”

About Jared Rouben
Jared Rouben is the brewmaster of Moody Tongue Brewing Company and responsible for the creative and technical development of the brewery’s line of beers. Rouben is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, the Culinary Institute of America in New York and the Siebel Diploma course in Chicago, where he is now a faculty member and professor of the beer sommelier program. After culinary school, Rouben worked as a cook at the Michelin star rated Martini House in Napa Valley, California and as an expeditor at the Michelin three-star Thomas Keller’s Per Se in New York City.

Rouben moved to Chicago to begin his brewing career as a member of the Rock Bottom brewing team and joined Goose Island Clybourn in 2009. In January of 2010, Jared was promoted to pub brewmaster, where he created Goose Island’s experimental brewing programs, Chef Collaboration Series and Farmers’ Market Series.

Rouben has spent the past several years brewing, pairing and collaborating with some of the most celebrated culinary minds in Chicago. His passion for beer and food is infectious.

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