Ale Syndicate Municipal IPA

ale syndicate municipal ipa

It takes me a long time to pick out a beer when I stand in front of a wall full of bottles. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve actually started timing myself in order to get an average beer picking time in order to properly leave my place in enough time to still make it to gatherings on time.

I’ve tried to come up with a short list of beers that I can locate and grab without having to agonize over my preference between IPAs brewed with Centennial or Simcoe hops. These are the measures you have to take to avoid beer anxiety. That’s a real thing now.


In the last year or so, Ale Syndicate’s Municipal IPA has worked it’s way into that short list, always seeming to find a place in my fridge. Sitting tucked between the outrageous label art and ever increasingly crazy beer names, Ale Syndicate’s classic look is unassuming and even better, this beer is perfect when you want an easy drinking IPA.

Much hoppier than their Sunday Session IPA, the first thing I’d say about Municipal is that it’s well balanced while still maintaining a strong hop presence. The nose is piney and resinous, but not overwhelming which mirrors the first sip. Caramel notes round out the malt backbone that are paired with a more floral hop finish; bitter but smooth.

It’s an impressive pour for an anytime beer that’s worth the refrigerator space. If you find yourself annoyed with the amount of time you pace in a liquor store, consider grabbing some Municipal and stop being so neurotic.

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