Five Beers You Need To Try This Summer

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It’s finally summer, which brings about a whole new level of enjoyment when it comes to adult beverages. For some reason, beer tastes better in the sun; perhaps it has something to do with the effectiveness of alcohol while you dehydrate at an exponential rate with each sip. Or maybe it’s because it brings upon a whole variety of ridiculously flavorful styles of beer that aren’t typically found in the winter months. Whatever it is, here’s a list of libations that need to make it to your glass at some point this summer.

1. Milwaukee Brewing Co. – O-Gii Imperial Wit: The best of MKE Brewing Co. that I’ve tried; if you like lots of funk, this beer is for you. It pours a cloudy golden color with minimal head. It smells a bit musty and at first sip, it’s pure funk and spice up front that finishes dry. One of the most unique wheat beers I’ve had.


2. Solemn Oath BrewingKhlöros Witbier: A new kid on the block to the Chicago area brewing scene, Solemn Oath has wasted no time brewing good beer. Khlöros is a delicate pour with a hazy pale color that has a subtle citrus nose. The flavor is crisp and clean with subtle citrus and spice notes that are well balanced – Extremely drinkable brew.


3. Boulevard BrewingTank 7 Farmhouse Ale: I have yet to be disappointed by a Boulevard offering, so seeing Tank 7 at my liquor store left little else to be desired and did not disappoint. Tank 7 is everything a farmhouse ale should be – peppery, citrusy, and refreshing as hell. Let’s not forget it’s 8% ABV which is apparent at first sniff AND first sip; this might be the most dangerously sessionable beer you’ll encounter all summer.


4. Milwaukee Brewing Co.Booyah Saison: Named after one of my favorite traditional Wisconsin foods, Chicken Booyah, this saison might be one of the smoothest I’ve had. Booyah pours a golden orangish hue with little carbonation but big flavor. Everything about this beer screams spice and funk flavor with a subtle wheat and hop finish that leaves this beer well balanced.


5. Hinterland Brewing Co. Saison: If I had to imagine what it was like to drink a saison in Belgium at the inception of the style, I would picture Hinterland’s saison. It’s a delightfully stinky beer that is resinous but fresh tasting and both extremely peppery and earthly. I haven’t tasted a sasion quite like it. If you find it, try it. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Thanks for the great recommendations! I do notice there isn’t a fruit beer in your top 5 for summer. Would you put these in their own category? For me the summer months mean trying to get my daily fruit servings from beer (I think it counts).

    1. You’re more of a fan of the fruit beers than I am. You would probably have better recommendations than I could offer!

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