Pleasantly Palatable Pumpkin Spice Porter

I’m here to brag about my beer; more specifically, my pumpkin spiced porter.  My previous batch, a summer ale, fell flat (ha) so I’m excited that not only did I find this brew especially tasty, but so did everyone who tried it.  Consequently, out of the two+ cases I bottled, I only got to drink about five or six with only two remaining after the holidays.

With this batch, I stayed away from the secondary, opting to keep the wort in the primary for three weeks before bottling.  I opened a bottle about a week in as a tester and found it a bit over carbonated.  I decided some extra time conditioning should help relax the beer and it did; it really brought down the carbonation to a suitable level after about a month of time sitting in the closet.


The beer’s characteristics are hard to describe; it’s a porter but somehow it turned out very light and refreshing, which I will credit to the carbonation.  It pours a big, frothy head but lacks creaminess.  Slight bitter notes upfront give way to a prominent ginger and a spicy cinnamon flavor at the finish without being sweet.  I would definitely call this a sessionable beer as odd as it may seem being a traditionally heavy style.  I believe that for someone who doesn’t like dark beer (i.e. everyone in my family), this brew is a good way to appreciate dark styles without going too heavy.


So what’s next? In mid-November I brewed an IPA, put on my big girl pants and tried out a secondary again.  I also ventured into other home brewing firsts and will cover the results once I drink them.

Other good stuff? For Christmas, I was given some neat beer gifts; I received a wort chiller (excited to give it a try in the near future), a plethora of different beer glasses, and my sister signed me up for a three-month subscription to the Craft Beer Club.  All very cool and all very likely to keep my refrigerator (and blood stream) full of beer.


  1. This porter sounds great. I’m always looking for new recipes that include some kind of fruit. Do you mind sharing this recipe?

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