Daisy Cutter Risotto

Daisy Cutter Beer Risotto Despite not spending Thanksgiving with family in Wisconsin, as per usual, I had a great holiday weekend.  On Wednesday evening, a car full of friends took off for Detroit to attend one of the most hyped NFL games of the year: Packers vs. Lions at Ford Field.

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Digging The District

The last time I was in Washington D.C. I was on an eighth grade class trip which means I was underage and unable to partake in any type of night life. When I decided to take a second trip out for a friend’s wedding this weekend, I was excited to find out more about the… Continue reading Digging The District

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Fail Ale and Beyond

I’ve officially had my first failure as a home brewer.  It only took my second try to taste the bitter beer of defeat. In all honesty, I shouldn’t have even bottled it as I had questioned its progress just days after I racked it into the secondary.  Ah yes, the secondary.  I am going to… Continue reading Fail Ale and Beyond

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