Beer Battered Cheese Curds

deep fried cheese curds

Out of all of the food groups, cheese is definitely my favorite.  I would build a house of cheese if it were guaranteed to be structurally sound, but it wouldn’t be.  Thus, I merely consume cheese at every opportunity I get, typically in it’s purest form straight from the brick.  The only thing better than a brick of cheese are cheese curds.

The best cheese curds naturally come from Wisconsin, so fresh they still squeak loudly while you chew them.  But if you can’t access cheese perfection from Wisconsin, the next best thing is to transform ordinary cheese curds bought elsewhere into deep fried cheese curds.  What better time to indulge in beer battered golden brown greasy glory than football season while you watch the Packers kick the Denver Donkeys around?  I had to act.

Beer Battered Cheese Curds Ingredients

  • All Purpose Flour
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cheese Curds (I used white cheddar and regular cheddar with dill and garlic)
  • BEER  (Any style/brand you desire.  I chose Ska Brewing’s Modus Hoperandi)

How to make Beer Battered Cheese Curds

Start by getting a small sauce pan and filling it up about three quarters of the way with the vegetable oil.  While the oil is heating, mix the flour and the beer in a small bowl — you’ll want the consistency to resemble a thin pancake better.  At this point, you may want to season your batter, salt and pepper being the standard, but cayenne also adds a very nice flavor.  Keep watching the oil and let it get to about 350°F.

beer battered cheese curds
  • Toss the cheese curds in the batter, roll them around good and make sure they’ve got a thick coat.
  • Once the oil is hot enough start adding the cheese curds a few at a time, otherwise you’ll have a monumental cheese ball that won’t be very easy or enjoyable to eat.
  • Let the curds turn golden brown and remove them from the oil and place them on a plate with some paper towel to help draw excess oil away from the curds.
  • While they’re cooling, feel free to crack some sea salt over the top for a bit of added seasoning.
  • Serve with your favorite dipper (ketchup is a purist choice, but ranch is acceptable).


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