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untappd beer app

Have you ever wished you could keep a running tally of all the different beers you’ve ever tried?  You should join Untappd.

What is Untappd?

Untappd is a very fun social networking site/phone app that allows you to “check-in” all of the beers you try including your location and, if you’re so inclined, a picture — think along the lines of the “Four Square” and “Gowalla” apps people use.  In addition to checking in your brew on the website, you can tag your consumption to your Facebook and Twitter accounts ensuring everyone finds out what kind of a lush you really are.

The best thing about Untappd is that it genuinely encourages you to explore beer.  I find myself not wanting to drink the same beer twice just so that I can rack up unique beers on my list, which means I find some tasty new beers I might not have tried, thus broadening my beer horizons, which in turn makes me a more well-rounded individual.  Don’t you want to be well-rounded?

untappd beer app

The app also encourages you to broaden your beer horizons by  rewarding you with badges.  For example, have you checked in 10 different hefe beers?  You get a badge!  Your mother would be so proud!  In addition to categories, Untappd offer badges for including your location when checking in to various places and events.  Oddly, I get very excited about earning badges, and I do use them as a measure of my own self-worth.

How do I get Untappd?

The easiest way to access Untappd is from your phone since you likely don’t tow your laptop to the bars (or maybe you do, weirdo).  You can download it on both Android and iPhone. Once you download this app/access the site, your face will be stuck to your phone screen every time you crack open a can/bottle, and you will become obsessed.  From there, you will likely go to the ends of the earth to find liquor stores and bars that offer huge varieties of craft beer to beef up your list and be less excited to check in a pitcher of Bud Light after your kickball game that you lost 17-0.

Then, you can force your friends to join so you can see what kind of beer they are drinking on the app, even though you’re sitting right next to them.

How to Check in on Untappd

  1. Download the Untappd app for your Android or iPhone
  2. Create a new account or log in to the Untappd dashboard
  3. Tap the bottle and magnifying glass icon at the bottom center of the app
  4. Use the search bar to find a brewery or beer you’d like to add
  5. Tap “check-in”

Drink Socially!


  1. I concur.

    By the way, it’s also available on Windows Phone 7 (the app is rightly called “Mmm Beer”).

  2. Hello,

    This is Greg from Untappd. Just letting you know iTappd is not app developed by Untappd and is missing features.

    Our mobile app (we don’t have an Native Android, or Native iPhone app currently) which you can view at It also completely free.

    On this site you can view beer details, rate beers, and much more.

    Thanks for the review and your support!


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